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The Museum of Loss is a procedurally generated adventure for any RPG system. 

In this adventure you will explore a cosmic museum that acts as the resting place for all that is lost...

Encounter the creepy Administrator that only seeks to mantain the place organized and true, strange rooms with unique mechanics, weird items lost throughout history and bizarre NPCs and creatures, some good, some bad...

In this PDF you will find: 

. A procedure for exploring the Museum of Loss

. Randomly generated  adventuring motivations

. Tables for creepy Rooms, weird Encounters and interesting Findings in an easy format to access

. A randomly generated creepy Administrator

. Experimental, yet accessible design with punk zine meets greek statues and insects aesthetics

The Museum of Loss is fruit of the collaboration between Torthevic and Moony.

Writing: Moony and Torthevic

Art & Layout: Torthevic and public art 


Torthevic:     Instagram     Twitter

Moony:          Instagram


Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

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a really great, succinct, clean game about exploring a museum in search of something you desperately want. this feels the way I wish dungeon crawling felt in other games: mysterious, dangerous, and desperate but motivated and inspired. Each entry on the random tables fills the museum with flavor rich enough that you can picture yourself there, creating a unique little world to explore. Can see this being integrated into larger games but really prefer playing this as a standalone and exploring new randomized museums each journey.

This is all without mentioning that the art/layout/style is very cool and slick as well! A really exceptionally good project and excited to see more from this creator in the future.


This is one of the most evocative procedurally-generated settings I've come across. It has a sparse and beautiful language that leaves the door open to so much imagination from the table while still having a strong central theme.


This is a great setting, which accomplishes in a handful of pages what others struggle to do with hundreds. Every single item is filled with meaning and helps build a very singular atmosphere. One can feel the influence of The Stygian Library in there, yet the Museum of Loss very much has its own voice, which is showcased by its brilliant layout!