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Backpack & Dream, by MAguax goes to space! 

Explore weird and wonderful places travelling throughout the galaxy in your own spaceship, interact with all kinds of species and discover ancient mysteries hidden amongst the stars!

Here you will find:

  • 3 Optional Careers to  differentiate your B&D characters
  • Spaceships rules
  • A Missions Table to generate plot hooks and engage the characters
  • A Lifeform Generator, for making species on the fly
  • An Environment Generator to make your own planet landscapes

And also:

  • The Nova-Siera System, an introductory Spacecrawl to get you started
  •  A Nova-Siera System Mini Poster
  • Character sheets 
  • Spaceship Sheets
  • B&W versions of Jetpack + Dream and The Nova-Siera System for convenient at-home printing

This game was made as an entry for the #RPGLATAMJam

Special thanks to:

MAguax for making the original game, helping out with starship rules ideas and incentivizing me to also put out a hexcrawl with the game

C.A. Berlitz, for proofreading the text

Alex Damaceno, for suggesting the coolest name for a Backback & Dream space hack

*Although most content presented here is system agnostic, all rules and base gameplay come from Backpack & Dream by MAguax and i highly recommend you go check it out! It's an awesome game, with a delicious DIY flavor and simple rules!

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Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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The Nova Siera System - Color.pdf 1 MB
The Nova Siera System - B&W.pdf 1 MB
Character Sheets.pdf 559 kB
Spaceship Sheets.pdf 560 kB
The Nova Siera System -Mini Poster.pdf 1 MB

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hi, its possibile to have a community copie?


Heya! Thanks for your interest!

Just dropped a few more copies :)